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Kids Classes

We love to get kids excited about sewing and being creative.  Learning a new skill is fun and rewarding.  

Most of our classes are single session projects so each child has the opportunity to take something home that day.

Saturdays and Mondays
The Stitch Witch offers 1 1/2 hour sessions that are fun, challenging, and rewarding.  We group children by age and skill level to make certain that each child has the opportunity to participate in a comfortable environment.

Projects that we have completed in the past include: tote bags, vests, skirts, aprons, purses, travel bags..... the list goes on and on.  Come into the store to see examples of what we have done!

All kids must complete a Sewing Machine Basics Class (1 1/2hr) prior to joining a group class 

All ages welcome at the sewing machine class. 

Projects suitable for boys and girls.