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The Stitch Witch offers several Classes - highlighted below are just a few. 
Our Basic Series
  • for Beginners or as a refresher
  • 12 weeks -- (3) 4 week sessions
  • Mornings and Evenings
  • Hands-on experience
  • Limited class size
  • Binder provided - take notes, organize handouts, store samples
  • $150 each session or $400 for total package ($50 discount)

The basic series starts with the Introduction session and is followed by the other two.  
Note:  each of the sessions may be taken independently.

In the first 4 weeks you will start with learning the sewing machine.  How to thread it, how to thread the bobbin and insert it, and what all the knobs and buttons do.  Then you will sew straight stitches, zigzag stitches, and decorative stitches, progressing to sewing square corners and curves.  You will be taught many basic techniques as you complete two different sewing projects.
Patterns and Fabric
This 4 week session is all about fabrics and understanding how to use a pattern.  First you learn learning how to measure for correct pattern sizing and selection. Then you learn about fabrics and how to select the best ones for your projects. There will be a complete class on laying out and cutting the pattern pieces, followed by a class on constructing your garment.  Finally you will learn skills required when using a pattern in the last class.

Basic Skills
This 4 week session focuses on skills and techniques. You will have classes on hemming, inserting zippers, on sewing on buttons and making professional looking buttonholes, and on elastic.  


Basic Skills Classes
  • All sewing levels welcome
  • Each class is 2 hours
  • Mornings and Evenings available
  • Hands-on experience
  • Limited class size
  • $50 each --- multi-class discount available

You will learn how to lengthen or shorten a garment. Several hemming techniques will be taught, including the blind hem stitch technique.

In this class you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about zippers. And you will be taught how to install a center opening zipper and a lapped zipper.

Button and Button holes
You will never have an excuse after this class to wear anything with a missing button.  Since you will learn to sew on buttons, you will also be able to change the buttons on existing garments to update them and help you create a fresh new look.    And buttons need button holes, so you will learn how to make professional looking button holes.

You will stretch both your imagination and the elastic in this class.  Learn how to sew it directly on to a garment or make a casing for it.  See how it can be best used to complete your projects.

Pattern Skills
Certain skills are required by many patterns.  In this class you will learn several necessary skills such as making darts, gathering, sewing on waistbands, understanding interfacing, and more.  You will also be shown how to alter a pattern to make it fit better.

MORE Project Sessions - for fun and for accomplishment

Thursday evenings!! ---- we are now offering weekly project sessions.  From 6-7:30 join us to make new friends, to create a project - start to finish and most importantly to have fun while sewing. All materials are furnished, and you will complete a different item each week.

Quilt Classes

Friday afternoons we are offering quilting classes.  Enroll now for a 4-12 week series that will begin April 26th.